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The Face of a Book

Voila! The cover for my book about great-great-grandmother Martha.

Cover - Place of Her Own

Authors sometimes await cover art for their books a little like mothers look forward to seeing the faces of their babies. You may have an idea what to expect but only a vague image.

I knew my publisher’s cover designers were going to use the old photo of Martha’s Victorian home that once stood on the family farm she bought in 1868. And I knew they planned to incorporate one of several modern pictures taken on the farm by my son-in-law Robin Loznak. I didn’t know which one or how it would be combined.

When I saw the cover I was surprised to see myself in that medallion which appears as the center in a length of ribbon wrapping up my book like a gift. And what a gift for me! My first published book after years of trying. Such a thrill that my great-great-grandmother’s story led the way.

The picture in the medallion shows me walking across a field on the river bottom with the old barn behind, catching a late afternoon sun. The book will have two inserts of photos, one showing old photos like this of the house as well as early portraits of family, and another showing several modern photos by Robin, including the one here.

How exciting to see the face of my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Indie Bound, right along with all those other real books. It is happening. My baby is beginning to see the light of day. Now I look forward to holding it in my hand—and opening the beribboned package. That’s a few months away, but coming soon. June.

I love the cover’s old-fashioned look, the touch of old lace echoing the intricate scrollwork on the roofline of Martha’s house. It feels perfect for her. I believe she would smile to see it.



  1. Bunny

    What a thrill for you. Love the book cover & know I’ll really enjoy the inside. June seems like a long time to wait but I’m looking forward to buying the book. Good job Janet!!!

    • Thank you, Bunny. They really did a nice job with it, didn’t they? You’ve probably seen that old picture.

  2. Oh, that looks very attractive. I know authors have very little say on the covers, so yay for a fine face on your book!

    • Glad you like it, Jaina. 🙂

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