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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

A Feature and Feedback

“I gobbled the book in one sitting, shed some real tears with and for you and Martha along the way, and enjoyed it all tremendously. You are a fine storyteller, and Martha’s story is full of such rich detail . . .” So said Kathy Westra, a writer for the American Forestry Foundation magazine, Woodland, …

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New Calves

Spring means calving time at the farm. People have marked this season of rebirth since ancient times, and I feel it here. New life stirs everywhere. It pokes up from the ground, tips tree branches, buzzes in the air, and frolics across the grass. This little guy edges closer, wondering about me. I have come …

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Martha’s New Ribbon

Martha has a new ribbon for the cover of her book—a rich brown, like the rich dark earth. M-m-m… Or rich chocolate. Marketing went for a bolder look for A Place of Her Own and replaced the white ribbon with the brown. I’m liking it. Martha probably knew a lot more about rich earth than …

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Book Launch Parties

With the pub date approaching on Martha’s book, I’m starting to schedule signings and readings. The Country Launch The first book launch party will be held close to home on a Sunday afternoon, June 1, from 1 to 3 p.m. in Elkton, Oregon, where I went to school as a kid. It’ll be at the …

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