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Martha’s New Ribbon

Martha has a new ribbon for the cover of her book—a rich brown, like the rich dark earth. M-m-m… Or rich chocolate.

PlaceOfHerOwn_Cover (1)

Marketing went for a bolder look for A Place of Her Own and replaced the white ribbon with the brown.

I’m liking it.

Martha probably knew a lot more about rich earth than rich chocolate. I remember when we planted our hazelnut trees in a field on the bottomland of the farm, nursery stock we got from Martha’s Lane County farm to plant on her Douglas County farm (see “The Tree Link” below). I had been gardening in a lot of marginal soils in other places I’d lived. When we dug into the ground to plant those trees, I just knelt and sifted that rich dark earth through my fingers. I had never planted anything in soil so beautiful.

And now I think I’ll go out to the kitchen and get a small piece of chocolate. Just a little nibble.



  1. Judy Fisher

    Very nice cover. It is earthy. I like it.

    • That’s what it was about for those early Oregon pioneers, the good earth. They’d heard fabulous stories about rich soil and soft weather. Oregon became a Promised Land for them as they headed west. The land is beautiful and weather mild, but many found wilderness life a little tougher than they’d imagined.

  2. I like it a lot! And the connection with the earth is wonderful! (and chocolate too–YUM!)

  3. Bunny Mode

    You just can’t go wrong with anything that is the color of chocolate!! Can hardly wait to sit down and read about Martha.

  4. Chocolate is a winner, all right. 🙂