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Portraits of a Century Farm ~ Reflections

I’m announcing a new blog category, “Portraits of a Century Farm.” Photographer Robin Loznak has kindly agreed to let me use selections of his wonderful photos taken on our family farm. With each photo I’ll do a little word-painting to share a bit of what’s special about this place Martha Poindexter Maupin bought for her family almost 150 years ago, a place we love to call home. The first I call “Reflections.”


dog reflections

Photo by Robin Loznak

Warm brushstrokes scatter across the river’s cool depths,
Shimmering like an impressionist’s vision,
A living palette stirring beneath curious steps.
Whispers of summer ebbing?

Images glance back,
Hiding timeless secrets in dim hollows far below,
While a ruffled likeness of her own face teases,



  1. Howard Weatherly

    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, Janet. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Howard. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Gay Sorensen

    Beautiful picture and prose. I love the concept of this blog. (And I should add that it brings back wonderful memories for me.)

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Gay. I’m so glad you like this.

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