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Portraits of a Century Farm ~ Haunting Gems

Robin Loznak captured this photo on a dewy October morning on the Martha A. Maupin Century Farm in Oregon, as an industrious spider seeks breakfast in her dew-jeweled web before a backdrop of leaves in glorious fall color. She put me in mind of Halloween on this upcoming edge between summer and winter when we recall in one way or another the ancient celebration of the edge between life and death.


Haunting Gems

Deadly beauty spins a tale in pearls of light
As days rush by to Halloween.
Death to life, and life to death.
Strands gleam against a sheen of gold,
Leaves soon to scatter off skeletal limbs.

Chill runs in the air and down the spine
With pumpkins glaring in the dark
And children braving hideous things.
Blood, gore, goblins, cackling witches,
And gauzy webs a-streaming.

Look at death and laugh.
Who can be the scariest?
Look at the edge and shiver.
Life to death, and death to life,
Glimmering in our frightful dreams.

Deadly beauty spins a tale in pearls of light.
On this fine autumn day
As life around it ebbs,
One creepy, crawly, skittery, artful, exquisite creature
Hangs waiting for a meal.



  1. Judy Fisher

    I love poetry. This was very good. Enjoyed

    • Thank you, Judy. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. KatSue Grant

    SO COOL! May I copy this to be read/distributed at my Samhain (the origin of Hallowe’en or “Hallowed Evening”) celebration next year? Did Robin write the poem, or you? (I want to give proper credit.)

    Cheers & Blessed Gratitude Day!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, KatSue. Yes, you’re welcome to show it to your group. I do the writing. Robin does the photography. Good to hear from you.

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