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Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Holiday Time

It’s that time of year, and I’m happy to be joining other authors to celebrate this holiday season with signings of our books. I’ll be at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Friday, December 5, from 1 to 5 pm. You’ll find me at the booth for the local Roseburg writers …

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Backtracking the Oregon Trail

Afterword I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey retracing Martha’s footsteps as we backtracked the Oregon Trail. As noted in the beginning it took us five days to cover the miles that took them five months. We streaked across modern highways in an air-conditioned car. Martha walked all the way, one step at a time. She …

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At the Literary Salon

This afternoon I went back to the book events after a little time off. I was pleased to be invited to the first Literary Salon at the Opal Center for Arts & Education in Cottage Grove, Oregon’s historic downtown. Four local authors–Hal Holbrook, Anastastia Machachek, Theo Czuk, and I–presented our work, each of us taking …

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Backtracking the Oregon Trail #9

Day Five ~ Back to the Beginning The land was mostly dry and dusty. . . . The Platte River making its lazy way between sandy bluffs, curving along a wide swath of bottomland. The shallow stream could sometimes be as much as two miles wide and a few inches deep. . . . Islands and sandbars, quicksand. Muddy, …

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Backtracking the Oregon Trail #8

Day Four ~ The North Platte River North Platte River looking west Martha looked up the long dry slope they had to climb. Bluffs came right to the river’s edge here, so they couldn’t pass. They had to go around and that meant up. She clasped a child in each hand and started walking. . . . Thank …

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