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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Speaking in Roseburg

The Douglas County Genealogical Society asked me to speak at their meeting Thursday, November 19, at 1 pm in Room 310 of the Douglas County Courthouse. I’ll be talking about my books, A Place of Her Own and The Shifting Winds. The meeting is open to the public. For the benefit of many in the …

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Outtakes #11 – A Place of Her Own

This post comes from an opening for another of my personal chapters for A Place of Her Own, a segment describing Wildcat Canyon, a remarkable cleft on the mountain. The chapter title was “The Death of Dreams.” The scene leads into a discussion of divorce, some of which was retained in an Interlude. But most …

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The Shifting Winds Online

Update: The release date has changed, as some of you may have noticed. The book is now set to come out on March 1, 2016, one month earlier than planned. And the publisher has slightly tweaked the cover art, making the “F” in the author’s name more readable. My upcoming book, historical novel The Shifting …

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Outtakes #10 – A Place of Her Own

This Outtake comes from one of my personal chapters in A Place of Her Own, a segment leading to a Tribute to My Father that I’ve already used for a post. The scene describes a day my daughter Carisa and I walked up my father’s mountain and found ourselves in bear country. Most of my …

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Outtakes #9 – A Place of Her Own

This Outtake reveals another short bit taken from the end of an Oregon Trail scene at the top of p. 124 in A Place of Her Own. The Maupins have survived the precipitous drop down Laurel Hill and have just come into the rich prairies west of the Cascade foothills. The cut is just 176 …

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