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February 29, 2020 – The balancing act between social media and writing sometimes goes askew when I get deep into the work as I have been for several months. And the website tends to go out of date. I’m glad to announce that the text in my Home, Bio, and Book pages of my website has just been updated. Many thanks to my daughter Christiane, who handles those pages, while I take care of the blog portion. But she does need to hear from me when it needs revision.

We have brought in more information about my current project and updated descriptions where these ancient stories changed. You can find the modified Home page here.


January 6, 2020 – As mentioned in my previous “News Brief” post, intervals in posting tend to come with focus on the work. And here we go again. About a month after my September post last year my expectations for Book One took a new turn with another comprehensive revision. I look at that in more detail in my latest blog post. You can check it out here.

May I whisper a secret to those who venture over to this page? I am so glad this book didn’t get picked up by a publisher before. It’s so much better now. I remember visiting with my daughter once about my string of unpublished works. “Aren’t you glad they didn’t get published?” she said. “You would be so embarrassed to see them out there.” I had to laugh. She was right.

This one wasn’t bad in its previous incarnations, but if it had been accepted before, it would never have become the story it is today. And that to me is worth embracing.

May 2020 be the year!



September 21, 2019 – Long intervals between posts on this page usually signal one thing–focus on the work. And this interval was no exception. As my followers know I am working on a major project, a series of novels set in the ancient world of Crete and Ireland and points in between. I have written six of them, divided into two trilogies.


About the time I last posted here my agent advised me to set aside the five newer ones and focus on Book One to give it the essential polish it needed for acceptance by a publisher. I immersed myself in that work. Hired a professional freelance editor. Made substantive changes. And at last my agent approved the book for submission to publishers. Now it’s time to revisit the other books in the series. Books Two and Three are virtually ready. On to the second trilogy.

I did raise my head briefly to find a lovely new outlet for my books, the Windy Bay and More bookstore on the coast in Winchester Bay, Oregon, formerly Conrad Books, now under the enthusiastic new ownership of Izzy Pescadero.

I also enjoyed another Fort Umpqua Days in nearby Elkton, Oregon, especially meeting American pioneer reenactor Karen “Many Voices” Haas, who showed me how to spin yarn on a drop spindle, a device so ancient I describe its use in one of my ancient stories, a scene set in 1379 B.C.


Mountains Seen from Kastelli Ruins

July 13, 2018 – Oh my goodness! What happened to 2018? For me, two big things–rewrites and a site research trip.

I just noticed in my stats that someone had clicked on this “News Briefs” site, which I hadn’t visited in a while, and I wondered when I last posted on it. Embarrassing to see it was last year before Christmas. Sheesh!

So here’s my brief update. I spent the first several months rewriting the three books of my first trilogy, which is set in early Greece, then planning a trip to research sites in Europe for the two related trilogies.  Now I’m home and am writing a series of blog posts dubbed “Going There,” describing the journey of discovery. A Table of Contents on the sidebar will help you navigate the posts if you want to jump around.

I’ll also be busy polishing my descriptions in those books, based on what I saw and felt. That work will no doubt continue over the next year.

Oh! And one more thing. In April this year Martha’s farm reached the 150-year point in one family so the Century Farm named for her now qualifies as a Sesquicentennial Farm. The story is here.


December 2, 2017 – Strings of light, garlands of green, turkey, cranberry sauce. It must be the time for the holidays. I just returned from a Thanksgiving visit with my daughter Christiane and granddaughter Calliope in Kansas City and got swept into Christmas events. First came the annual Christmas Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds where I joined fellow members of the local writers group in a booth to sell our books. Next I took my books out to Oakland for sale in the all-new Christmas store featuring local artists and crafters. The store will be open daily throughout December. I’ll be there on Thursday afternoons beginning December 7 and look forward to the holiday atmosphere in this historic town.


September 13, 2017 – A little rain last week changed the air, easing the heat and giving a hint of fall. With the Douglas County Fair and Fort Umpqua Days behind us, I’m looking ahead to a couple of September events on the Oregon coast–a speaking engagement with the Coast Branch of Willamette Writers at Newport on Sunday afternoon the 17th, and the Florence Festival of Books Saturday the 30th where I’ll be signing books. From there it’s another speaking engagement October 9 with the Roseburg writers group, AAW.

Thanks to Robin Loznak for the photos. That’s Fort Umpqua Days above and of course the Oregon coast on the right.

I’ve enjoyed the summer events and look forward to spending some time on the coast.


June 29, 2017 – The big news for the latter part of June: My historical novel The Shifting Winds was named a finalist for PNWA’s 2017 Nancy Pearl Book Award.

And our panel presentation went off very well at the Historical Novel Society Conference.  Four Pacific Northwest writers including myself discussed “Historical Fiction through a Pacific Northwest Lens,” an appropriate subject, we thought, for a conference held this year in Portland, Oregon. On the panel with me were Janet Oakley, who came up with the idea, along with Kirby Larson and Libbie Hawker.


June 18, 2017 – Summer begins to look like a busy time in the book business.

First, I want to mention a couple of recent outstanding events. I spoke to the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society in May, a wonderful group. My thanks to Lynda Boone for setting that up. A good crowd came out for my talk and we had an excellent Q & A session. Then the society put on a lovely luncheon with salad bar and homemade rolls. Mm-m.

Then a week ago I had a speaking gig at the Eugene Public Library. Another good crowd on a rainy Saturday, and almost every member of my Eugene writing group came out as well. My thanks to Scott Herron for arranging that event and thanks to my friendly group for being there. The group went out afterward to celebrate member Lynn Ash’s birthday–a lovely day.

Now I’m busy planning for a couple of conferences. I had already scheduled the Historical Novel Society Conference in Portland this month where I’m joining a panel on “Historical Fiction through a Pacific Northwest Lens.” But now that my book Shifting Winds is a finalist for the 2017 Nancy Pearl Book Award offered by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, I think I’d better go to the PNWA conference in July too. That’s the conference at Seatac where I met my agent, Rita Rosenkranz, and she’ll be there again. Lots of excitement!


March 13, 2017 – The event list continues to change as more speaking engagements come along. There’s been a shift from the signings and readings to more speaking gigs. Some I requested. But I’m happy to say that more groups have been contacting me, asking me to talk about my books.

The year started with a January visit to the Cottage Grove Public Library, my old stomping grounds from when I lived nearby. We had a lovely audience there. I had looked forward to the February event up on the coast at Newport, but snow blocked my way to that talk with the Coast Branch of Willamette Writers. Good news! We have rescheduled the Newport talk for September 17. And we don’t expect snow.

Yesterday I spoke to the Douglas County Historical Society, another wonderful audience. For that one I had the privilege of being interviewed on KPIC TV for Donna Spicer’s “Spotlight on Douglas County.” That was fun.

More speaking engagements are in the works. Check out the Events list for what’s to come. I really enjoy these and hope to schedule more.

Meanwhile I’m working on the new book and am well into the rough draft. Also, it’s trying to be spring. My daffodils finally arrived.


book7.signingDecember 21, 2016 – The winter solstice is upon us, which means Christmas in a few days and just ten days left in 2016. The launch of my first novel, The Shifting Winds, was the year’s highlight for me. From that event to the Oregon Historical Society Holiday Cheer Party in Portland, the marketing has kept me busy.

A bit of excitement, looking ahead. Janet Oakley, Carole Dagg, and I submitted a proposal for a presentation at the upcoming Historical Novel Society Conference next June in Portland, and we were accepted. Also, I’m arranging more speaking engagements which will be included on my event page and sidebar as details are worked out.

Meanwhile, my muse has kept whispering in my ear, and I have filled many pages with notes for the next book, the third in a second trilogy, an offshoot of the Sands of Gold Trilogy set in Crete. The spinoff centers in ancient Ireland where the Cretan mariners have traveled, seeking a place of light and peace where the warriors have not come. The times are ancient, but the story resonates into our own time.


Fort-Umpqua-Days1kellogg-fire-robin-photoSeptember 30, 2016 – The month brought a whirl of activity from the good times of Fort Umpqua Days in the beginning to the scare of wildfire encroaching on Martha’s farm. The fire came within a mile of the farm, too close, and the bravery of local firefighters was much appreciated.

oak-11sunset-at-heceta-headNext came the rollicking fun of Oakland’s Living History Days before heading to the coast for the Florence Festival of Books. Once the sun set on Florence and I got my clam chowder I returned home to get ready for October.

Events so far scheduled in October include a presentation back at the coast in Coos Bay at the public library on the 6th. Then it’s Bloomsbury Books on the 10th for a reading and signing, and the Book Nest Author Lunch in Springfield the 20th. The Book Nest has moved to the Gateway Mall and the format will change to multiple authors. That should add to the fun of conversation with book lovers over a fine meal, chatting about books and the subjects they explore.


Fort Event SignJuly 28, 2016 – Highlight of the month of July was of course my book signing and reading at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, complete with a tour of the fort itself. A wonderful day!

After that I pivoted to filling out the fall schedule. So far in September events are set for Fort Umpqua Days in Elkton on the 3rd and 4th, Oakland Living History Day the 17th, and Florence Festival the 24th. An exciting lineup. Add to that a meeting with my fabulous small group of Lane County writers on the 10th. Yay!

But before September there’s the Douglas County Fair in Roseburg August 10 to 13. I’ll be there all four days from 3 to 7 at the Author Table in the Community Conference Hall–in air-conditioned comfort. Douglas County has a great fair and my Roseburg writers group will be at the table too. Always a good time.


July 8, 2016 – What happened to June? Seems like it just started and zip it was over. I had some lovely readings during June, which I covered on my blog, and my muse has been working on me with another book. My Kansas City family came to see me. My granddaughter Calliope is off to camp, and her mom is working in my garage/studio on her latest animated feature.

Sutherlin Street FairNow it’s July already. Today I joined my writer friend Lynn Ash at the Sutherlin Street Fair where we shared a booth to sell and sign our books. Across the street from the line of booths was a line of old cars from far and near. The one in the photo at right parked directly across from us. I just had to take a picture of the beauty. Had a few sprinkles that almost turned to rain about the time we had to tear down the canopy.

My big July event at Fort Vancouver is a week from tomorrow. I’m ordering better weather for that one because the plan is for a tour of the fort after my talk and book signing at the Visitor Center. Check out my series over on the main blog giving some background history for my book The Shifting Winds, and the part Fort Vancouver plays in it.


May 27, 2016bookmine & bikes – May was a good month with speaking engagements at Rotary and AAUW in Roseburg and a night among poets at the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove.

As we approach the end-of-May Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to start looking forward to summer events. Since the Friday Art Walk event at The Bookmine in April didn’t really allow for a sit-down reading, the proprietor Gail suggested we do a regular signing and reading event on another date, so we just scheduled that for next month, June 23 from 5 to 7, a Thursday evening. More on that later. It’s always a pleasure to be at The Bookmine.

My friend A. Lynn Ash and I also scheduled a signing together at the Sutherlin Street Fair July 8, and the Douglas County Fair in August.

Next up for me is the Mid-Valley Author Celebration at Tsunami Books June 2 when I’ll join four other members to read from our published work. I’ll be reading from The Shifting Winds.


Books Gallery event 2016April 30, 2016 – April started with a signing and reading event at the Books Gallery in Sutherlin, at right, and ended last night with a signing at The Bookmine in Cottage Grove during the first-of-the-season Friday Art Walk in Cottage Grove. Despite a rainy evening for the art walk, a good number trailed through the store and quite a few paused to buy a book and chat.

Tsunami with KrisA highlight of the month was the signing and reading at Tsunami Books in Eugene, always a great venue. Almost everyone from my special Eugene writers group came for that, as well as other wonderful friends. Kris Jensen from the group is getting her book signed, at left.

Meanwhile I’m adding upcoming events. I’ll get more of those on the sidebar and “Events” page when dates and times are confirmed.

I was excited to see my July 16 event at Fort Vancouver posted on their website. That makes it feel quite official, with the National Park Service seal and all. The reconstructed fort is a National Historic Site maintained by the National Park Service. The Shifting Winds has several scenes at the fort, so it’s a natural for the book. I’m delighted they’re hosting me.


March 8, 2016 – My new book, The Shifting Winds, had a great launch Sunday afternoon in Elkton, Oregon. So manybook5.andrew.music friends came out, and we had Elkton wine and wine with an Elkton connectiBook4-1.wineon, provided by grape grower Jim Wood, and guitar music provided by music teacher Andrew Arriaga. A lovely crowd to help send this book out into the world. More on the story in yesterday’s blog post.

UPDATE: March continued with wonderful events in Roseburg at the Douglas County Museum and in Portland at Annie Bloom’s Books. While in Portland I visited Fort Vancouver across the river and confirmed my summer event at that remarkable site.


February 910.newbooks crop19, 2016 – I just scheduled another signing event today, this one at Tsunami Books in Eugene on Sunday, April 10, from 3 to 5 in the afternoon. Details are on the sidebar or “Events” page.

I’m busy getting the word out on all the upcoming events, four now–Elkton, Roseburg, Portland, Eugene. Fun!


February 10, 2016 – With The Shifting Winds coming out in less than a month, my focus has turned to the launch. As noted in my most recent blog post, several boxes of books have already arrived on my doorstep. That’s when it feels real. It’s an actual book, and it’s beautiful! On Monday I was the speaker for my Roseburg writing group and focused my talk on the upcoming book. A big thank you to my group for being such a receptive audience and for all their support!

ECECNow I’m scheduling events and making contact lists. The first launch party is set fo900.DCMuseumr Sunday afternoon, March 6, at ECEC in Elkton from 2 to 4 pm (shown at left), then a signing and reading party at the Douglas County Museum Thursday, March 10, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm (shown at right).

And I just scheduled a signing and reading annie bloom's logoat Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland for Tuesday, March 15, from 7 to 8 pm (shown at left), a great bookstore that was just up the street from me when I lived in Portland.

I’m looking forward to these events when I can meet readers and share my book with them. I hope to continue adding events in the coming days. You can find them listed on the right-hand sidebar on my blog pages or by clicking on the Events page where you can see not only where I’ll be but where I’ve been.


November 19, 2015 – The month has brought a couple of enjoyable events, starting with a trunk show at Roseburg Book and Stationery on Jackson Street in downtown Roseburg. And today I spoke at the Douglas County Genealogical Society, an organization that was particularly helpful in the research for A Place of Her Own. Then the holidays begin. And a new book is beginning to take shape.


October 13, 2015 – As predicted, the writing kept me occupied for much of the spring. But during that time I also enjoyed a number of book club visits, which I don’t list with my events because they’re private gatherings, most often held in someone’s home. I do love book clubs. It’s so rewarding to a writer to be able to sit down with readers who have already read your book. And they usually liked the book a lot or they wouldn’t have invited you to come talk about it. Oh yes! We do need that affirmation once in a while.

ShiftingWinds_EcoverMeanwhile, my new book, The Shifting Winds, has been progressing through the production process. With summer came a first glimpse of the cover copy, shown at right. Then I received the copyedited version and had to check through that, then the final pages for proofreading when you see how the pages will actually look, and most recently, back jacket copy. Love it!

I also went on a summer reading binge, mostly reading books I collected at the PNBA Trade Show last fall, where writers happily passed out free books. I gathered an eclectic assortment and thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s surprising how many books provided useful inspiration for upcoming projects, even when they’re completely different from what I do.

Signing events picked up again with the Douglas County Fair and my hometown’s Fort Umpqua Days, both great venues for me.

I chose just one conference this year, the Women Writing the West conference, which was so close this time in Redmond, Oregon. And when several friends from my Eugene writing group opted for that one, it became a sure thing. As noted in my last blog post, we had a great time.


April 13, 2015 – My muse has brought me back to the essence of the writer’s life–writing. Since mid-December I have been caught up in a new story, which finally came together early this month with completion of the Rough Draft - 4.5.15rough draft for the fourth book in my series set in Minoan Crete. It’s always a happy feeling, after weeks of work on the computer, to have a solid manuscript I can hold in my hands.

Not long after that draft was done, my agent Rita Rosenkranz closed a deal for me on another book, a historical novel tentatively called The Shifting Winds, set in the same Oregon pioneer era as my first book, A Place of Her Own. Same editor. Same publisher. More about that on my blog page.

I have one more in the works for this year and will be back to writing for another month or so. Then of course there’s the polishing. I enjoy that as well. That’s when wordsmithing reaches a higher level as an art form, and I love the play of words.

So if you don’t see any new news here for a while, I’m probably in another world of story.


Holiday Cheer 3December 10, 2014 – I’m just back from Portland where I attended the 2014 Holiday Cheer Party at the Oregon Historical Society. For more on that check my blog for the story with pictures.

On the same weekend I joined members of An Association of Writers in Roseburg at the Christmas Craft Fair at the fairgrounds, where we had a booth for selling our books. I signed books there Friday, drove to Portland Saturday, attended the Holiday Cheer Party Sunday, and drove home Monday. Busy weekend. But I thoroughly enjoyed the events. Many people were out looking for Christmas gifts, and books do make great gifts for avid readers.


October 31, 2014 – It’s Halloween and folks are starting to look toward the holidays. I just received an invitation today to join other area authors for the 2014 Holiday Cheer at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, where I’ll be signing copies of my book, A Place of Her Own: The Legacy of Oregon Pioneer Martha Poindexter Maupin. This story of my great-great-grandmother, a local history set in the mid-1900s, fits well with the Pacific Northwest event scheduled for Sunday, December 7, from noon to 4.

Even closer to home, I’ve been invited to join three other Oregon authors for the Literary Salon at the Opal Center for Arts and Education in Cottage Grove Saturday, November 15, at 3 pm, co-sponsored by The Bookmine. We’ll talk about our inspiration and techniques in telling our stories, then sign books.

I’m also scheduled to spend a few hours at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Friday, December 7. I’ll pin those hours down soon and post them on my “Events” lists. Books do make great Christmas gifts. 🙂


October 11, 2014 – We have harvested our prunes, which have been the main crop on our farm since Martha’s son Cap planted the first orchard in 1895. We have an ancient commercial prune dryer on the property, and we did run that a few years after my dad died. Then the price of oil soared, and it just wasn’t viable anymore. Now we send them to Lewis Farms in Forest Grove to be dried, and they send dried ones back so we can accommodate our local customers. That makes for a much easier harvest for us.


621.emma at j michaelsSeptember 18, 2014 – Events have kept me busy in September, starting with a signing at J. Michaels Books in Eugene on First Friday. The photo at right shows Emma at J. Michaels keeping watch at the signing table. Next up, my cousin Carolyn and I drove to Ashland for a reading and signing at Bloomsbury Books on the 15th, with another signing and reading scheduled at Kalapuya Books in Cottage Grove on the 20th during the annual Covered Bridge Festival.

Meanwhile, I visited two wonderful Book Clubs during the month.

September will close out with the PNBA Fall Tradeshow in Tacoma the last weekend, where I’ll have the honor of being a featured author.

In the virtual world, I started my blog series, “Backtracking the Oregon Trail,” and continue having fun with the “Portraits of a Century Farm” series. Look for the Oregon Trail posts about once a week. The other happens when inspiration hits.


605.fort umpqua boothAugust 30, 2014 – Had a good first day at Fort Umpqua Days in Elkton,Oregon. It’s an event where this community focuses on local history, so my book fit right in.

A surprise rain shower had us all moving back to the centers of our canopies to keep dry, but it soon passed. Tomorrow should be clear and a tad warmer.

First night of the pageant went well. I didn’t get down to the fort but I heard that was a busy place. The kids didn’t let a little rain slow them down for all the activities there.


462.one lg wagonAugust 26, 2014 – The latter half of August became a time of stepping back into history and walking in the shoes of our intrepid pioneer ancestors. I traveled with my daughter Christiane and granddaughter Calliope to Kansas City where Christiane started a new teaching job. So we decided to backtrack over Martha’s footsteps along the Oregon Trail.

Watch for the wagon. I’ll be presenting a new category on my blog in the coming weeks, with a series of posts describing our journey and comparing it to the journeys Martha and other pioneers made. Watch for announcements with the photo of the wagon, which will also lead the first post.

564.robbie tips hat (crop)Other August events take us back in time as well, with the appearance of my cousin, Civil War reenactor Robbie Maupin, at a reading event in historic Lexington, Missouri.He and his fellow reenactors came in full Civil War era dress and created quite a delightful spectacle.

The month will close out with Fort Umpqua Days back home, commemorating the Hudson’s Bay Company fort which stood near Elkton during the days of Martha’s long trek west.


August 6, 2014 – August started with a great writers conference in Portland. I had the pleasure of meeting bestselling author and keynote speaker Diana Gabaldon, who made an unexpected swing by my table at a pre-dinner gathering. I noticed someone at my side and looked up. “Oh! You’re Diana Gbook at B&N Tigardabaldon,” I said. She smiled. “Yes, I am,” and chatted with us for a while. Very friendly.

Before I left Portland I stopped by the big Barnes & Noble in Tigard where I’d heard my books were nicely displayed and there they were. Fun! I happily signed the stack of books they had in stock.

Next up, the Douglas County Fair. We have a great fair in the county, and I look forward to being there every afternoon from 3 to 7 at the Author Table in the Community Conference Hall selling and signing books.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAugust 4, 2014 – July meant travel with only one book event close to home. That was the signing and reading at The Bookmine in Cottage Grove on the 11th. From there it was the PNWA Conference in SeattleN-R story to the Book Festival in Portland.

Another highlight of the month was a big story in Roseburg’s News-Review by Garrett Andrews, with photo by Michael Sullivan, which came out on the 16th. Thanks to Garrett and Michael for that. Nice to see this great writeup in the hometown paper.


July 23, 2014 – Just back from a great conference in Seattle, I’m gearing up for the book festival in Portland on the 26th, designing a display of photos like these from Martha’s book: Martha's daughter MaryJanet Fisher's grandparentsJanet Fisher Photos 06 Medallion

The colored photos were taken on the family farm by Robin Loznak. That’s me in front of the old barn, same shot as the medallion on the book cover. The old photos are from my personal collection. The wedding photo is of my grandparents, Roy and Jennie Fisher. The lady in the oval is my great-grandmother Mary Maupin Fisher.

* * *

It’s raining! And the thirsty land on Martha’s farm is happily soaking it up.

* * *

The King County Library–that’s Seattle’s county in Washington–has four copies of A Place of Her Own. Every one of the four copies is out, with three holds. 🙂

* * *

Paddyfield.com, Hong Kong’s online bookseller, has it listed.

* * *

My date as author for the Book Nest “Lunch With an Author” in Springfield, Oregon, has been rescheduled. We’re now set for October 2.


July 12, 2014 – My first July event for A Place of Her Own brought a lovely group of people together in a delightful setting, The Bookmine on Cottage Grove’s historic Main Street downtown.bookmine & bikes Proprietor Gail served delicious refreshments. Several cousins came. Gary and Joan, second cousins I never knew, heard about me from the Register-Guard story and came to get books and to meet me.Bookmine crowd smiles

And Juanita, a fourth cousin, came. She’d already contacted me after seeing the article.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. I certainly did.

I’ll have two more events in July, the PNWA conference in Seattle next week and the Northwest Book Festival in Portland on the 26th.


ECEC with LindaJune 30, 2014 – Events swirled around Martha’s book in June from the hometown launch at ECEC in Elkton on June 1st to the final signing of the month back at V.W. Books in Roseburg on the 29th.

After Elkton, I joined seven other members of Willamette Writers for a reading at the group’s June meeting. Then came more events, a signing and reading at While Away Books in Roseburg, a signing in Reedsport, signing and reading at Books Gallery in Sutherlin, the signing with a reading set to music at Tsunami Books in Eugene, a signing and reading at Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland, and back to V.W. Books in Roseburg.

In addition to the signings and readings, I had speaking engagements at the AAW writers group in Roseburg and the Roseburg Rotary Club. I was a guest on KQEN radio in Roseburg and had a segment from Martha’s story on Jefferson Public Radio’s “As It Was” program.

A highlight for the book was the big story in The Register-Guard on Sunday, the 29th, by Randi Bjornstad, with pictures by Paul Carter.

Cheers to Martha for a great month!


June 25, 2014 – Had a great time at the Tsunami event last Saturday. Nate, who works there, gave it two thumbs up.Tsunami Thumbs up Don and Patty did a super job with the music, and folks seemed to enjoy the reading set to music that we did.

Moving along, I’m headed to Portland tomorrow, Thursday, June 26, for the 7 pm event at Annie Bloom’s Books in Multnomah Village, near where I used to live. Then back south to Roseburg on Sunday, the 29th, for a signing at V.W.Books, from 2 to 4.

That rounds out a whirlwind of activity for June, which started on the 1st with the launch at ECEC. A great month.


June 18, 2014 – I spoke at Roseburg Rotary last night and will be at Tsunami Books in Eugene Saturday for a signing and special reading. practice to crop

Here, my cousin Don Fisher on trumpet, and friend Patty Wilgus on piano, put in a little practice for the Tsunami event. They’ll play background music during the signing. Then for the reading we plan something a little different–a reading set to music. They’ll play a few bars. Then I read. Back and forth. For more on that, see the main blog page.


DSCN0240June 15, 2014 – Here I am in the front window of Sutherlin’s Books Gallery, a lovely spot with soft chairs where folks can sit and visit while you sign their books. A nice group of people came by.

This was my third signing and reading event near home. Next week I head out of Douglas County for my first Eugene event. The following week takes me to Portland, then back to Douglas County June 29 for a signing at V.W.Books in Roseburg.


June 13, 2014 – My next book signing happens tomorrow at the delightful Books Gallery in Sutherlin from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. I’ll be reading an all-new excerpt from A Place of Her Own.

Today I spent most of the day at the Umpqua County Farmers/Artisans Market in Reedsport near the coast. Got a little drizzle, but sold a few books and enjoyed some conversation.


speaking at AAWJune 9, 2014 – I had my first speaking engagement this morning at the regular meeting of the local AAW author’s group. I’m a member of the group, so it was a good chance to try my wings with a friendly audience, most of whom I knew. It went well. I talked about the power of perseverance, and afterward, sold and signed a few books.

Emily Blakely took this picture for me with my little camera.


BissieJune 9, 2014 – A good turnout came to my Roseburg book launch, even my 92-year-old aunt Elizabeth. She said it isn’t easy for her to get out anymore but she was determined to attend this special event. I was so glad she could come. Other family and friends came by. Some pleasant surprises. Another good day.

Robin Loznak took the picture with my little Nikon camera.


June 6, 2014 – My Roseburg book launch happens tomorrow at While Away Books on Harvard, a pleasant venue. That’s June 7 from 1 to 3. We’ll have refreshments and a reading, something different than I’ve read before, in case you’ve been to another of my readings. It’s open to the public.


June 2, 2014 – A wonderful crowd came out to the book launch party in Elkton Sunday. ECEC SigningThe mood was upbeat, with pleasant strains of music drifting across the room, thanks to my grandson, Alex Loznak, at the keyboard. My immediate family helped–with daughter Christiane taking care of the table, and daughter Carisa handling sales, while her husband, Robin, took pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, visiting and signing, reading and sharing a lively Q&A session.

Photo by Robin Loznak


May 31, 2014 – My first book launch is ECECset for tomorrow in Elkton, Oregon, at the ECEC Library. That’s June 1, from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.

We’ll have music and refreshments along with a reading and books to sign, and plenty of time for conversation. The event is open to the public.


May 21, 2014 – I’m happy to announce two new events. I was invited by Sonny Hedden, another descendant of Oregon pioneers, to sign books at the Umpqua County Farmers/Artisans Market in Reedsport, Oregon, on Friday, June 13. Thank you, Sonny. It’ll be pretty much of an all-day affair from 9:30 am until 3 pm. I hope good weather shines on us. If not, Sonny promises there’s plenty of cover. Reedsport’s a short hop from the beautiful Oregon coast.

Then on Friday, July 11, from 5-7 pm I’ll be at The Bookmine in Cottage Grove for a signing and reading. A great little store with books and plants and gift items. I always enjoyed shopping there when I lived in Cottage Grove.


May 10, 2014 – Globe Pequot Press is shipping copies of A Place of Her Own ahead of the June 3 release date. Several cartons of books arrived at my home last Booksweek, and Amazon has changed their June 3 date to announce, “In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.” Several people who bought A Place of Her Own from Amazon have received notice that their purchases will arrive in mid-May. Sources at Globe Pequot Press confirm shipments are in the process of going out now. Happy reading, everybody!








  1. Joyce Henry-Mackay

    Janet, read about your book in the Eugene Register several wks ago brought back memories
    of my dear father-in-law Dean Henry (WD) who raised prunes & had a dryer @ Umpqua &
    he spoke about your father a lot! Got your book today @Books Gallery & will pass it on to
    my family to read. They all love history about Douglas County! Congrts!! Joyce Henry-Mackay

  2. Joyce, thank you so much for writing. I appreciate hearing from you. I do remember hearing about the Henry dryer. We haven’t fired ours up for a couple of years. It runs on oil and with oil prices so high, it just doesn’t pay. We’ve been sending the fruit up to Forest Grove for drying.

  3. Karen Gavel

    Your nephew Dana loaned the book that you autographed to him and his wife, my granddaughter Amber, and after getting part way through it, decided to get my own copy, so I can return their book. This is fascinating reading, so very descriptive. What a wonderful heritage you have; I’m so glad to be learning about this strong woman. If you ever come East I would be honored to meet you.
    Karen Gavel

    • Lovely to hear from you, Karen. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Thank you so much for writing. I would love to meet you one day and Amber and the newest member of the family, Frankie. Nancy keeps me posted on this delightful new addition.

  4. Karie Lerch

    I just ordered A Place of Her Own. I ran across it while researching my family history. My great great grandfather was Garret’s brother James Maupin. I guess that would make us cousins of some sort. I have our family tree back to Gabriel and Marie Maupin of France so far. Can’t wait to read the book. We are homeschooling our five children and to cover the pioneers in American History and read about our own family will make it all the more interesting. Thank you for the work you put in to it.
    -Karie Maupin Lerch
    Lancaster, KY

    • Karie, I’m so glad to hear from you. James is one of Garrett’s brothers who really intrigued me, as you will see when you read the book. I didn’t know much about him, but found him in an old ledger the ladies in Ray County, Missouri, showed me. Then he was in the deeds transferring their father’s property, and I appreciated the fact that he included his wife in those deeds. Her name later helped me find the couple in Lafayette County, Missouri, and after that in Iowa. But then I lost track. Maybe you know where they lived out their lives. I hope you enjoy the book. Things get pretty difficult for Martha in the story. You might want to read before you decide what’s appropriate for the ages of your children. Good to meet another cousin!

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